(This picture is authentic, the rainbow occurs 2-3 times per summer)

Visits to the kennel are by appointment ONLY...!


(a view from the road) 

5125 Martin Road  Auburn  NY  13021
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Naumann's Golden Kennel

The kennel is located just outside the city of Auburn  NY. It is surrounded by 144 acres of farm land and is free of the hustle bustle of everyday life. This is a perfect setting for a kennel and it is a scene that  both you and your pet are sure to enjoy.

This side of the kennel shows the bright, clean and spacious, large dog units. Each unit will easily accommodate one and even two large dogs. The latch on the unit gate is specifically designed for dog gates. It discourages and prevents your dog from being able to flip the latch open with its nose.

In the spring of 2014

We expanded the kennel to accommodate the need of many small dogs boarding.  The wing has eight units & runs that are a perfect size for the little dogs. We have researched and learned that if your dog were in the wild it would make a den that is just a little larger than its size.   The larger the unit the more of a need there is to protect their space.  
This brings on added stress, especially noticeable with the smaller dogs.  Our small dog units are just the right size...!
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Come along... 
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We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website.
As owners and operators of the kennel we know how important it is that you are comfortable with the people (and the kennel) that you choose to take care of your cherished pet while you are away.

For that reason we have provided information on this site that will give you a feel for who we are and what we do so we can set your mind at ease.  

We hope that you enjoy paging through the site and we encourage you to call us with any questions that you may have.

Kathy & Eric Naumann

The warmth of our ceramic tile, heat radiant floor is the perfect set up for your best friend. Feel free to add bedding and toys for a touch from home.

The air conditioned, cinder block building will keep your pal cool in the warmer months - while ceiling fans, windows and doors add to circulation and fresh air.  

Doggie doors in each unit provide the exit to individual outside 14' runs.   The doors are left open when the weather permits and are closed in the evening hours.   

Somewhere under the rainbow there is a place...

...where dogs can walk, run, swim & play