Boarding Requirements

But First.....

We're Sorry to Say that because we interact with all dogs throughout every day  (and having had a few unfortunate experiences), that dog breeds who appear on an Aggressive Dog List cannot be boarded at our facility....:(
You can research the internet in advance to learn if your dog appears on a list
This includes dogs referred to as a "mix" if the breed(s) appear on the list . We do reserve the right to deny boarding a dog that we feel  could be a danger to us or one of the other pets boarding .

Meet & Greet
A meet & greet is required for first time boarders, but prior to the M&G we will need a negative result from a fecal test.

IF YOUR DOG'S TEST RETURNS A POSITIVE READING consider that you will need time to treat the issue so do this test soon... Unfortunately, a WHIP WORM POSITIVE reading will prevent your dog from boarding with us at all 

Here are the Requirements:

1)    A Fecal Test (must be a negative), do this NOW if you think you will be boarding with us soon

2)    DHPP, a one or three year vaccine or a recent titer test with vet verification

3)    Rabies Vaccine, if the date is close to expiration, please update NOW
4)    Bordetella Vaccine (aka Kennel Cough), nasal or vaccine - do this NOW 
5)    Completed Data Sheet (in packet you will receive) Information needed about you and your pet prior to boarding
6)    Flea & Tic Product (you choose) We're in deer country where tics and fleas like to live & they enjoy your pet
7)    Issues (please disclosed) Honestly, we need to know how to react (or not) to your pet regarding his/her behavior 
8)    For Cats we will require Rabies , Feline Distemper & Feline Leukemia

Meet a few of our boarders.....!
​Sport & Haillie (australian shepards) are about to go for a walk around the pond

Callie (airdale terrier) is enjoying playtime on a cool bed of pea gravel

Mosby (parm/poodle mix) posing for a photo shoot....!

Duncan, Annie & Riley (goldens from different homes)  having a meeting on the run

Huckleberry (welsh corgie) returning from his walk

Naumann's Golden Kennel

when entering the property, PLEASE......!

Your pet MUST be people friendly