Naumann's Golden Kennel

Huckleberry (Welsh Corgie) returning from his walk

Daisy (Golden Doodle) @ Play Time

Mosby (Parm/Poodle Mix) posing for a photo shoot....!

Gracie (Cream Golden Retriever) @ Play Time

Callie (Airdale Terrier) is enjoying playtime on a cool bed of pea gravel

Sophie (Eng Setter/Yellow Lab Mix) on a Nature Walk

Duncan, Annie & Riley (Golden Retrievers)  meeting on their runs

Boarding Requirements

But First.....

when entering the property, PLEASE......!

Your pet MUST be people friendly

We're Sorry to Say that because we interact with all dogs throughout every day  (and having had a few unfortunate experiences), that dog breeds who appear on an Aggressive Dog List cannot be boarded at our facility....:(
You can research the internet in advance to learn if your dog appears on a list
This includes dogs referred to as a "mix" if the breed(s) appear on the list . We do reserve the right to deny boarding a dog that we feel  could be a danger to us or one of the other pets boarding .

Meet & Greet
A meet & greet is required for first time boarders, but prior to the M&G we will need a negative result from a fecal test.

IF YOUR DOG'S TEST RETURNS A POSITIVE READING consider that you will need time to treat the issue so do this test soon... Unfortunately, a WHIP WORM POSITIVE reading will prevent your dog from boarding with us at all 

Here are the Requirements:

1)    A Fecal Test (must be negative or treatable if positive) see "special note" above for added information

2)    Your Dog prefers a Titer Test for DHPP and so do we!  Ask your Vet how to proceed

         or go to: Protect the Pets, click: Order a Titer Test then Core Only ($50), follow instructions 

3)    Rabies Vaccine, NYS law says if your pets health would be compromised your vet can sign a waiver
4)    Bordetella Vaccine (Kennel Cough), the intranasal vaccine is significantly less toxic then the injectable  vaccine 
5)    Completed Data Sheet (in packet you will receive) Information needed about you and your pet prior to boarding
6)    Flea & Tic Product  You choose; however, we suggest you take a look at
7)    Issues (please disclosed) we need to know how to react (or not) to your pet regarding his/her behavior 
8)    For Cats we will require Rabies , Ask your vet about Titer Testing for  Feline Distemper & Feline Leukemia

                                   Meet a few of our boarders.....!

​                                                 Sport & Haillie (Australian Shepards) out for a walk around the pond