Naumann's Golden Kennel

Cat Boarding
You bring your cat and the food and we do the rest

We have three styles of Boarding Units

While your favorite feline boards with us we will
Play with them
Pet them and
Talk to them

We DO NOT allow the cats out of the units  


The activity level of your cat  & availability of units will  determine

which unit your cat will be boarded in.

The unit above (and on the left below) is known as "The Pent House", 

and it is typically chosen when a cat likes to walk about

 or bat toys around.  It has an upper & lower level.
It's also nice for older cats that don't jump very much anymore.

Below, the two units that are to the right we call "The Town House"

and it's height is from the floor to almost the ceiling. 

"The Condo Crates" featured below, are designed for one cat or two kittens.  
These units are ideal for a cat who enjoys jumping from level to level 

laying around while batting dangling toys.